Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Did It!

Wow, I've reached my goal this week only within 6 days and already over what I was expecting. What a great feeling! I know, $206 for 6 days is not that much. I don't play this full time so I'm happy with the result. The best thing came out of this is the number of cashes I made. The screenshots says I played 81 tournaments but it is actually 77 'cause I played 4 FPP freeroll tournaments. Out of 77 tournaments I cashed 35 of them. That is about 45% of the time. That is a pretty good percentage to me. Out of the 35 cashes, 12 of them are first, 11 seconds, and 12 third places. I got more first than second, which was one of my goals. I calculated the result for this week, my ROI is 24.3%. I cannot ask for a better number.

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