Monday, August 31, 2009

August was a fun ride

The first 2 weeks of August was one of the best cash game I've ever played. I won basically 90% of the sessions I played. I was up closed to $900 at 100NL FR. Never felt so good playing poker and thought I was so good at. Little did I know, all the money I won basically went down the drain in 4 days. Than I switched to 6max. So far played over 4K hands and up $232.55 (mostly from 25NL). Not a bad start at all. I really like 6max. Hopefully I will get better soon and move up in limit. Here are the goals that I made from August.

1. Play more 100NL Full Ring hands - yes 17K
2. 30K hands month (both 50NL and 100NL) - yes 32K
3. Make $1000 cash games only - no
4. Watch and learn GrinderSchool videos - yes little bit
5. More sweat sessions - yes

Below is my overall graph that includes 100NL FR, 50NL FR, 25NL 6max, and 50NL 6max.

Below is my 6max result (50NL and 25NL)

The bottom line for the moth.

$312.80 - cash games
$274.29 - tournaments
$650.00 - VIP reward bonus
$1,237.09 total

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