Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October result and November goals

October went by really quick. I dropped 11BIs at 50NL 6max. Felt like I was getting a lot of coolers and of course some bad plays as well. I was kind of sick of 6max and felt like I was way behind the rest of the field. My confidence at 50NL 6max is trashed again. At the end of the month, I grinded 50NL FR and got back all the money I lost from 6max. So overall for October I'm up about $100 LOL. Not an interesting month so no graphs this month.

November, I'm looking for a coach at DC. I'm now more leaning toward hielko to coach me. He charges $80/hour. Hopefully we can arrange some time together cause he lives in Europe which is about 8 hours ahead of my time. I'm just sick and tired of not getting a solid/consistent result at 6max so this is something that I think will improve me as a player. On the other hand, I'll be playing 50NL FR a lot this month. I had a good run last month so let's keep it going until I hit that "doom" switch again.



  1. When I played 50 6m, I went on a swing where I won 22 BI... then the switch flipped and I dropped 30 BI!

    I was making lots of mistakes... but that's when I decided I didn't have the stomach for it yet

  2. it's deffinitley higher variance tha FR for sure. Just hate it when it happens lol.