Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another grindalicous day

Today is the most hands I have ever played in 1 day. I played almost 13K hands today and won closed to 5 buyins. This week has been a tough week, couldn't get much going. Flopped so many sets but most of them got either turned or rivered flush. But it's alright, most of they money I made this week comes from today's winning. I cannot believe I already played 72K hands this month and I have 1 more week left. Looks like I'm gonna make it 100K end of this month. I might get PlatinumStar this month which I can't wait to cash out the VIP bonus $650 for 50K FPPs. Also I've already cleared $100 Stellar Reward bonus so far. I will get to clear another $50 for the next reward very soon. Here's the graph for the month so far. Over 22 buy-in baby!!!

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