Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Results

What a run for the month! This is the record for buy-ins wise. At the end of the month I was cruising 32 buyins. Felt so good all month long and than the doom switch happened in the last 2 days of February. I was on a downswing 12 buy-ins in 2 days. It was so sick that I got river many times. That led me to be so tilted which I lost even more money. But I was determined to grind it back up 5 buyins in the last few hours. Still in shock that I played over 100K hands in the shortest month of the year. Never played so much in my whole life and got good results all month long. I'm going to try this for another month and see if I can crush this limit again.

My goals for March are to win 40 buy-ins which is $1000 @25NL, turn up the aggression preflop and bluff less at this limit LOL.

Here is the graph for the month.

The bottom line is:

$625 Cash game
$150 Stellar Reward
$200 FPPs worth
$975 Total

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