Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Results

Best Month Eva!!!

Finally I achieved my goals. I won over 40 buyins with a little luck this month. I also won my 2+2 75K hands prop bet. We basically split the losers' money to all the winners. This is a low volume prop bet so most people made it. I also played a little bit on FTP since I have 27% rakeback now. At 25NL FTP rake a lot of money compare to Stars but the field is a lot softer than Stars. So I'm not sure which one I need to focus on. I might stick with FTP for this month and will see if they are better than Stars. I'll be staying at 25NL for the last month. If I crush this limit as I did in March than I'll move to 50NL in May. My 50NL past experience was not good so hopefully I'll do better next time.

Winnings: $1,079
Rakeback: $40
FPPs & Bonus: $240
Prop bet: $10+
Total: $1369

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