Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying to move up

I decided to move up instead of staying at 25nl for another month. I've been trying for a couple of weeks at 50NL. It is like my worst nightmare. I can't seem to get over that hump for some reason. I should be able to win at least 1bb/100 there. I have played over 20K hands so far this month at 50nl and is down 5 buyins. Not feeling good at all right now. For the most part, I played bad there and run bad as well. I don't mind the run bad part but when play bad and knowing it, that's just sux. Maybe I should reduce the tables or maybe I should stay at 25NL for a few more months. Not sure what the hell I need to do. Whatever it is that I decide to do, I need to stick to it for a long time. I'll let you know next time.


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