Monday, May 31, 2010

May review

I considered May to be a successful month regardless of the negative outcome. Tried out 100nl and failed but I learned a few things from it. I lost $430 by half stacking, so it wasn't that bad. It was a fun ride actually. Came back to 25nl and started crushing it the first 20K hands. Ran pretty well and played superb also. After the 20K hands I ran a really long break even stretch, 40K hands. It was sick but hey every one has to go through it sometimes. Made about 15 buyins back from when I got back at 25nl. I'm really happy that I made some money back. The bottom line is I'm only stuck $85 in May. The FPPs and the Stellar Rewards bonuses well made up that loss. So I actually made some money this month. Yes you can call me FPP pro :)

This month is my biggest month base on the VPPs I collected. I almost collected 10K VPPs this month. I think my last biggest month was about 8K VPPs. If I can keep up with the VPPs every month I can get to supernova at the end of the year! It will be hard for 25nl part time grinder but I'm gonna try hard. So far this year I collected 35K VPPs, so if I can make 9.28K VPP/month the rest of the year, I can be a supernova. I basically have to play 110K hands each month to get there. Wow that's a sick number of hands for a part time player who only plays an hour or 2 per day after work. I need some motivation for this. I might have to join the volume prop bet to get some motivations :)

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