Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November roller coaster

I Could not get anything going in November. The graph says it all. It's been up and down the whole month, nothing special. The only thing I got out of it is that I decided to work on my game, and this time it will be it (I think i said this a few times before LOL). I'm actually serious this time about getting help from coaches and will open up my game a lot more. I've been thinking about reduce my tables to half. I've been 24tabling and it's not working as I expect. I mean I still am a marginal winner playing 24 tables at the same time but I want to double my WR. So this time I'm going to play only 12 tables and try to concentrate to every decisions.

Also this Saturday I have a session with mpethy (one of the 2p2 coaches) to look at my database and show my leaks. Obviously I have a lot of leaks. I also was thinking about profit share coaching as well but will write about it later this month as I'm not really sure what to do yet. On a good note, I'm almost supernova. Kind of excited about it since this is the first time.

Until next time, GL at the tables.


  1. hey man my blogs only new but check it out we have a lot in common i was 24 tabling now im 12 tabling and i got some coaching and look at the graph on my blog you will see the massive change after i got a coach

  2. Surely with 24 tables you can't be making any poker related decisions, simply what your cards are and the possible range of your opponents.

    Out of interest, what's your yearly winrate playing so many tables?

  3. Thanks dodi :)

    voltastyllo, impressive graph, keep it going bud.

    Yorkshire, you are right, playing 24 tables is hard to make good decisions and some times you don't even have time to think and pass up some good spots where you can bet and just take it down. My WR while playing 24 tables is 1.5bb/100.

  4. Wow You ARE almost supernova!! Great accomplishment. I still have 28k vpps to go =\ Ive been slacking past week cuz I am getting my ass kicked at 100nl fullstacking. Im excited to hear how the coaching went. Are you gonna do a blog about it? The profit sharing with coaching is a great idea too. Curious to know more.