Monday, April 27, 2009

Not made for MTT SNG

Some people are born to have a silver spoon in mouth, some people are born to be poor and some people are born to be lucky. I am not rich, and definitely was not born lucky poker wise. A couple of weeks ago, I tried the multi-table sit & go's, it did not go well due to bad luck. I got sucked out with 2 outers so many times. I was still happy with my plays even though the end results were not good at all. So I'd thought I tried it again. On Saturday I played multi-table SNG again, just to see if I can win. This time, it was even worse than last time. I played 9 tournaments and only min cashed 1. Talking about running bad, I had AA 3 times, and went all in before the flop all 3 times and lost. I also got KK 2 times, all in before the flop and still lost by 2 outers. I don't know if I should try this again. Maybe MTT SNG is not meant for me. The 2 sessions cost me about 15% of my bankroll. Now I'm gonna have to grind the single table SNG again to get it back, which I already made most of it back already. I think I'm better off playing the single tables from now on. I will not be messing with the MTT SNG for a while and I have time for long sessions anyways. Let me know your thoughts.

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