Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Bye Full Ring and Hello 6-Max

Today is the 3rd session on 25NL 6max and it went really well. I gotta admit though, I was lucky. Got my top 2 pairs vs. my opponents 2 pairs, and bad plays by my opponents and got my maximum value out of every hands I made. Also made a lot of bluffs and got 3bets so that's why my non-showdown is now negative. But I'm still happy of it being low though. Here is the graph so far.


  1. man, 6max is a hell of a ride. Its some serious tough going, will improve your game immensely but honestly. It is a constant roller coaster and a big struggle, really hope it works for you. Tough though!! hope you're getting rakeback too

  2. Yeah this will be tough for me if it's like a roller coaster. I hate downswing, the last downswing kind of hurt my confidence. So far I'm doing really well. Hopefully I can keep it up :)

    I play at PokerStars so I don't get rakeback but I'm a PlatinumStar so I get just as close or even more than 27% rakeback from other poker sites.