Monday, August 24, 2009

The pain has gone

The downswing has basically killed my motivation at 100NL full ring. It was boom boom boom 9 buy-ins gone in 4 days! It happened so quick, I didn't have time to re-evaluate my game. I was so pissed off at it and try to do something new (or something that gets my mind off it). Right after the 9 BI's dropped, I fired up 2 6-max tables 25NL . I played so aggro that I don't normally see myself in these kind of situations in FR. It was like 34/24 vpip/pfr. I played only 2 tables so it was a lot of 3beting and check raising with air in position and out of position. I finally was able to use my poker tracker software stats to play my opponents instead of my cards. I was puffing and bluffing at pots like Cheek and Chong. Because I'm way over rolled at this limit, I don't really mind if I lose a couple of buy-ins. So I think being aggressive at this level is profitable because there are a lot of dead money in the pots. It's been so much fun playing 6max than FR, not because of I was winning but because of how you can take away pots much easier than FR. FR range is so narrow and so hard to get people off from their hands. Today, I fired up another 2 tables 25NL. It went just as well as the first time. With the first 2 sessions, I'm up 4 buy-ins. Another important note, my non-showdown winnings is POSITIVE for the 1st time in my life! Of course it's only 2 sessions and close to 700 hands, but I feel proud of myself. Here is the graph.

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