Saturday, November 28, 2009

November results

The "doom switch" happened again. My hot run finally stopped. Seems like it was bound to happen. But when I run bad, I really really run bad. Dropped over 6 buyins at 50NL FR on Saturday. You can say 6 buyins is really nothing, but I played a tight style. I think it is equivalent to 12 buyins for 6max. I seriously got rivered about 8 times, AA lost to KK, KK ran into AA, and sets under sets just in 1 day. Most of my big pots are coolers. Anyways, no more complaining. The good news is, I'm getting a hang of 6max. I feel more confident now than ever. Here is the bell curve graph for the month of November, this includes both 6max and FR.

Notice I don't have any goals for December. I won't be playing much this month. But when I play I will try my best as usual. GL

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