Thursday, December 31, 2009

December results

Not much went on this month. I played a lot of 9-max and lost about half a buyin over 11K hands LOL. On the other hand, I played 6-max about 4K hands and won over 2 buyins. So the total I won for this month is a peanut $88. I didn't played much at all this month compare to other months. I was multi tabled like crazy from 12-24 tables LOL, it was fun. I was just wanted to know how it feels like to play 24 tables at the same time. It was really not poker at all, only had time play the premium hands and that's about it. There was not much thinking, I could only play the cards but not the opponents. Maybe I'm not used to it yet, but I timed out a lot of times LOL. Over all it was fun without the help of table ninja. There are people who play 6K-10K hands a day on a regular basis. That's just amazing, have a lot of respect to the people who play 24 table for a living. No way I can do it for 3 days straight.

Here is the graph for December below.

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