Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly update

Running way under pace at the moment. Ran pretty bad, breakeven for like 30K hands. So far this month I've won 10 buy-ins over 45K hands. It's been kind of frustrating but nevertheless I'm gonna grind my ass off the rest of the month.

I have a couple of prop bets at 2p2. Volume and win rate prop bets. The volume is going as planned but the WR is kind of low at the moment. We started June 10, and I'm getting about 3.65bb/100 over 17K hands. Would like to increase it to 5-6bb/100 but it's gonna be hard to play 24 tables. Not sure if I want to decrease tables so I can increase the WR up. The thing is my volume bet would fail if I decrease tables.

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