Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August happy ending

The title says it all. I started August with 25NL FR and won about 2 buyins over 15K hands :( I got so bored of it. I just hate those breakeven stretches. 15K hands is not a big stretch at all because I 24 tables the whole time. But the last about 60K hands it's been like that at 25nl FR. I decided to switch to 6max and have fun there which was the last 12K hands from the graph. I started out hot and ran above EV was always nice. For the month I have been beating 25nl 6max 9bb/100 over 12K hands. So I'm gonna stick to it on September until I can't beat it anymore. Also I won a 180 man donkament in the middle of the month which was a nice boost. Check out my graphs below.

Here's the 25nl 6max graph.

Here's the whole month FR and 6max

Here's the donkaments

The bottom line for August.

$319 - Cash games
$219 - Donkaments
$100 - FPPs/Rakeback
$638 - Total


  1. hey thanks for checking out my blog!! really helps keep me motivated with SNE. Anyways, about ronfar3, you can message him on 2+2 and he'll let you know more about his coaching package, its like a 3 hr session for i think $295 or check out his blog. Keep the run good at the 6max and play solid!!!

  2. hey thanks a lot, working on the crushing part, but I guess we all are right? Hope the tables are treating you well

  3. Hey,

    What limit did you start at? Good job by the way! I am currently playing 5NL on stars. I am a super br nit. What do you use for br management?

  4. James, I started with 25nl and trying to move up. But now I'm trying something new, I'm back to FR now at 100nl. Tbh I'm way over rolled. I had over $5K (not include 170K FPPs) and was playing 25nl. So i don't feel a thing when i hit a 20 buyins downswing :) but I think 50-60 buyins is a good start for br management.

  5. I use the 100 buy in rule. I think I would increase that when I reach 25NL to around 110. I am the biggest BR nit in the world. I play so much better when the noral swings seem trival. Good luck @ 100NL

    @GoldGanesh I am going for SNE in 2011. Did you guys she how Stars changed there cash bonuses for the rest of the year? When you buy them they instantly release! No more earning additional VPP, Pretty sweet.

  6. James, it's nice to be a BR nit :) less stress imo.

    Oh yeah the new stars changes is awesome! I can't wait to cash out my 180K FPPs.