Saturday, October 2, 2010

The best losing month ever!!!

I am super excited! Even though September was a losing month (winner with rakeback and bonuses.) Why? I will tell you the reasons why. I have been trying out new stuff, different limits and different games the past 3 months. I had no idea and what direction I wanted to go. One day 6max and the next day FR and than one day 25nl and the next 50nl sort of stuff. I changed my mind like I change clothes everyday LOL. One day, I was talking to one of my best poker friends and he was kind of in the same situation as I was but he has a goal and his goal is to make Supernova at the end of this year. He was half stacking, short stacking and trying to find his comfort zone. I was watching him and started half stack just for fun. Things went alright a few thousand hands at 50nl FR. Thought I was a baller shot caller, I moved up to 100nl. Boom! lost 16 (50bb) buyins, FML. Didn't think I was playing bad, it was more like running bad. I was about to quit 100nl than came a motivation speech from my friend. I went back to it and changed a few things. Things started to work my way. Slowly I got back all my loss at 100nl and than won some at the end of month. Check out my epic 100nl comeback graph.

This got me thinking, I'm getting a lot FPPs if I play 24 tables. Ding! If I can just maintain break even at 100nl I can make supernova easily at the end of the year. This is something I was chasing but gave up due to some things happened in my life and was too busy to play. Now I'm playing 4 times higher than normal, and have more time, I'll be able to make it in 2 months.

If everything go well, I'll go for 300K VPP next year which is worth $22.4K. It's a junk of change I could use :) According to my calculations, I only need to play 20 hours a week to get it. This is just FPP worth and not included any winnings or freerolls at all.

Cheers to the new beginning!


  1. Nice come black. I am playing mainly 6 max. I played a rebuy tournament tonight. Wanted to pull my hair out. Grind for 3 hours for nothing :)

    How many VPP did you earn @ 25NL?

  2. I think I got like 0.13 vpp/hand at 25nl.

  3. Hi..are you a full-time player?

  4. Alex,

    I'm a part time player trying to get better so I can get extra income :)