Monday, January 17, 2011

Half Month Update

This month has been pretty interesting, as in swings :) I started the 1st week so hot and than BOOM doom switch started. Went on a 10 buyins downswing in 2 days. Not sure if I played bad or ran bad though, probably a combo of both. But it's alright, that's what we call variance. So far this month I played almost 40K hands and profited 12 buyins. Not the WR I want but I'd take it. My goal is to get 5bb/100 this month, hopefully I will get there.

As for the coaching program, so far it's been fun and I learned a lot over the 2 weeks. I'm feeling more confident and more comfortable in my game. Still need to plug a few leaks but it's coming along. We'll see what it will bring in the future but as of now I'm happy with my decision having a coach.


  1. gl man, thanks for reading! I will be following too, hopefully you can make it and move up along the way:)

  2. thanks, I'll see you in a few months LOL, I wish :)