Thursday, January 27, 2011

WBCOOP events

WBCOOP events are so awesome! Thanks to Stars for these events. There are 7 events including the main event. These freerolls are for bloggers only. My first free roll was the 2nd event and it's No Limit Holdem. I luckboxed myself into the final table LOL. Got AKo all in pre lost to AJo and ended up 8th place. I'm happy with my performance. I got rewarded a $215 ticket to a SCOOP event coming soon and a main event WBCOOP ticket. There will be no cash value for these tickets so I will have to play them. I have never played an online tournament that is over $20 in my life LOL. Who knows I might final table another one. I played the PLO H/L freeroll yesterday and got busted in 3 hands LOL. As for the rest of the freerolls I might not have time to play them.

GL at the tables

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