Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving on up

I have been pretty much breaking even (+1.5 buyins) at 4NL over 10K hands. That was boring as hell so I decided to start up some 10NL tables. Found a huge fish on 2 of my tables. He shoved pre 100bb every hand literally. Huge whale about to lose his roll, right? At the time I was thinking "wow, this is going to be a gift to my roll." At the tables every one else already doubled up from this whale. I called his shoves exactly 4 times and guess what? I got it in every time as a huge favorite, but managed to lose 3 out of 4 times LOL. I was not really worry at all about those losses. I knew I'd get everything back and more if I keep on staying at the tables. Obviously I was not rolled for it so at one point I had to quit a few tables in order to free up some money to rebuy on those tables with the fish. A few hands later after doubled up through me a few times, he left! OMFG, never felt so tilted in my life!

I felt 10NL was not much difference than 4NL. I decided to stick with it even though my roll is way too low for it. To make the story short, I got all my losses back and more a few days later. Here is the graph for the month so far below. My all time graph is at all time high right now, $113 LOL. So 11 buyins at 10NL should be good enough. Unless I run horrible, I'm comfortable with it being only 11 buyins.

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