Monday, October 3, 2011

September Review

September went by quick and it was alright for the most part. Ended up +$36 for the month in profit. As you can see in the graph below, up, down, up, down :) So far things are going well for me. I run way above allin EV which means people get it in light against me. Another words, there are a lot of fish out there at these low limits. I have to say there are at least 3 fish on a table,
every table :)

At this rate I will be at 25NL real soon. I have been doing alright at 10NL this month October so far. So far I'm up about 6 buyins at 10NL over 2K hands. I know I'm going to get a doom switch after I posted this graph up . I'm a gambler, I'm going to take risks :) Here it is.

So a little bit over 1.5 months I've gone from $20 roll and turned it to $183. I'm really glad that it's going well. To be honest I'm completely satisfied with the results. Another month and I'm going to be at another limit. Keep moving on up! After all, that is the ultimate goal.

I'm rich biatch! LOL

If you are wondering about the all time graph. Here it is.

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