Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Good Start Of the New Beginning

January has been great. I can't really expect more. I've been running really good and played well at the same time. I'm much more comfortable at 25nl now than ever before. Really glad I joined SplitSuit's program. Overall I learned a lot and my result for this month has a lot to do with his coaching. Although my overall stats didn't change much but I feel like I understand more on each move I make. I'm thinking about playing half my volume in February at 50nl and the other half at 25nl. I'm ready for another shot. I believe this time I'll stay there.

On another note, I've been messing up my computer trying to install windows on my iMac and messed up big time. Finally got it fixed by my co-worker. I was basically tired of Poker Copilot not having enough stats I need so I have to try HEM out for 2 weeks. If I like it I will stick with it. If not I might try PT3 again since it has Mac version. The last time I tried PT3, it was very slow and HUD doesn't update fast enough when I 24 tabling. Anyways, hands are importing at the moment so we'll see how HEM works out.

So for January results I made over 33 buyins at 25nl with a WR of 4.2bb/100. I also cashed 2 out of 4 WBCOOP freerolls for $226. As for the 200K vpp chase, I'm way under pace. Only got 7577 VPPs but I'm not worry about it since I will make more when I move up in limits.

Here's my sexy January graph.

January Results:

Cash Games: +833
Donkaments: +226
Bonus/FPP: +424 FPP + 100 Stellar Rewards
Total: $1,583