Thursday, March 3, 2011

February results

Nothing really interesting happened during the month of February. I took a shot at 50NL and it went really well, the first day was +5buyins. After that I lost everything and ended the month being a little down -$5 :) So no graph this month. Just imagine a bell curve LOL

Cash Games: -$5
Donkaments: -$20
Bonus/FPP: $420 FPP + $100 Stellar Rewards
Total: $495


  1. come on crusher!!!!! you got to run good against everyone, not just me.....77<KK, 99<QQ....on i flop top set 99 and you turn Q, sicko....good thing it was mono 4 flushed away......GLGL john!!!!!

  2. Rosh - have fun with it.

    Gold - that's what i do. I float, hit sets, and than check :)

  3. Awesome page man! I love the way you track your results on the page. I need to do something like that on my page also!