Saturday, December 3, 2011

One downswing deserves an upswing

Hello guys/girls. Sorry I haven't post much lately, been pretty much lazy. Cash games have been the worst ride ever. My perfect graph was destroyed a a week. I grinded it up from 4NL and than 10NL without seeing one bit of a swing at all. It looked like nanonoko's graph for a second. To make the story short, I moved up 50nl and got crushed. You can see the graph below, steady graph from the beginning and than BOOM down hill 100 miles/hour.

At one point my roll was down under $300. That was pretty sick that the highest point was over $700. Huge chunk of my roll went away quite fast. I believe it was about 2 weeks. No matter how I played, things went against me. It got boring quick so I decided to mess around with some SNGs. I never liked turbo SNGs, but for some reasons I loaded up some super turbos just to kill some time since they are super fast. To say the least I ran very hot. As you can see the graph below (in b4 downswing). Basically everything I lost is now recovered with some rakeback. The roll is at all time high $906.84. BOOYA!